Completed Project Example

This type of controller is used to manipulate a robotic arm to pick-up garbage bins, by the vehicle driver. This is a work tool in which the ergonomics factor is important. The vehicle manufacturer requested our assistance for the design of a controller dedicated to this task.

We completed an ergonomics study, build several versions of mock-ups and prototypes which were tested by users in real use context. The industrial design and the 3D design for injection molding was also completed by our multidisciplinary team. The final result is a work tool optimized for that repetitive task.

If you need to design a custom component for your particular application, contact us.

  • Part design ready for injection molding.

  • Design for easy integration of the electronic components.

  • Design for low cost molding.

  • Plastic resin selection.

  • 3D CAD modeling.

  • Ergonomic design for the user comfort.

  • Robust product.

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